How does it work?

Service of Process Experts!  Flat Rate Process Server Fees.

Street Legal Couriers also offers, Process Service, Legal Filings,  Legal Courier Services,  and On Demand Commercial Delivery.  To order a  process server click the  process server tab.  If you need a a legal document or package picked up and delivered simply click courier.  Court accepted Proof of Delivery is always provided.  Our Couriers can print your documents or pick them up at your location of choice.  Our small targeted service area gives us a huge advantage over the competition.

Do we provide Proof of Delivery?  Yes, proof of delivery is always included at no extra charge.  Our couriers can quickly and easily capture Proof Of Delivery (POD) on the spot by having the recipient sign for the delivery on an iPhone / Android phone and take a picture as photo proof.  For Legal jobs court accepted POD will always be provided.

Street Legal Couriers specialize in On Demand Delivery in Seattle.  Street Legal Couriers focus is offering delivery services for the small businesses of Seattle.




On Demand Courier Services FAQ

Courier Service is available in downtown Seattle.  How does on demand courier service work?  Street Legal Couriers can come to your pick up point of choice and quickly deliver your package.  Wether you need a legal document delivered, or any item 50 pounds or less, and a maximum size of 18.25"L x 13.25"W x 11.5" H,  approximately the size of one mail bin.  Our couriers will always provide proof of delivery.  Never any additional or hidden charges.  We will print your documents at no additional charge as long as it is 50 pages or less, and black and white copies.   For larger size orders we can most likely accommodate your needs.  Please email [email protected].


 Service of Process FAQ

Street Legal Couriers will serve your documents the same day we receive the order.  Simply order  by 5PM and we will make an attempt that night.  For orders that come in for service to Registered Agents and business that may be closed we will make our first attempt first thing the next business day.  We will print your documents at no additional charge as long as it is 50 pages or less, and black and white copies.  Street Legal Couriers provides Process Service to all addresses in Seattle, WA.

Not in a rush?  No worriers we also offer Service within two days and service within all three days.

With all orders we will make three service attempts.  For Same day orders we will always make an attempt the day the order comes in.  If the first attempt is not successful we will make two more attempts

Two Day Service we will make the first attempt within two days, then a minimum of one attempt every two days (up to three total).

Three Day Service, the first attempt will be made within three days, then a minimum of one attempt every three days (up to 3 total).

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Please email [email protected] and we will get back to you right away.


What’s the delivery guarantee?

If Street Legal Couriers does not delver your documents or package in the time frame requested we will refund 100% of your money hassle free.



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